Time on the road

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Buenos Aires to New York

Well I havent got any pictures to display as all my camera equipment went in to be repaired, so I can only tell you that I have been haveing a good time.
Did a week of drinking in Verbier, Switzerland with my Brother who came out from South Africa, had a week in London where I caught up with a bunch of old freinds, went to Mike and Alana's return party and was very supprised to see Judy and Johannes there, so we all had a great time. Now I am in New York, but am cutting this part short as I did'nt really need to be here, so will be home tomorrow and then the pictures will start again.
As of the 31st of this month Noboundaries will start again, how and where, I can only decide that, the morning I wake up and start to ride. Alaska is certainly my destination.