Time on the road

Saturday, September 18, 2010

Attempting to leave BA

So after much deliberation I finally decide to hit the road, bike serviced and everything looking good, I decide I am going to the Iguazu falls. After a long 2 day boring ride I get to Corrientes and just on the other side, yes I bump into a group of riders, as usual. We stop at a gas station and start to chat, turns out they are going to a weekend bike meet, about 3000 bikes expected, one of their friends couldn't make it so they offered me his bed, who am I to say no. This turned out to be a really good decision.

The town was called Posadas, a very small town so every hotel was booked and the place was buzzing with bikes, mind you not very many bikes over 125cc. It was like the mini town version of Daytona bike week, or Sturgis. These guys take any motor they can find and build a bike around it. This is a home made bike with an old Citroen CV Boxter motor in it, alternator and all.

This is a Royal Enfield Diesel, mint condition considering the age and location.

So when we arrived as you enter the grounds you have to register, where you came from and what bike. They told me that I had come the further est and was up for a trophy, no kidding. They got me up on stage, in front of 3000 people and started asking me about my trip etc, in Spanish. My friends told me afterwards that I was answering questions he wasn't asking, I left a rater confused crowd.

So I had so much fun with these guys, I decided to take them up on the offer of going back to Resistancia with them for a few days, where I borrowed a guys KTM 450 Supermoto bike, to test it out. Yea, test it out, the back spun out, I over corrected and went flying over the handle bars landing smack on my head. 60,000 kilometers and I never ride without my helmet or riding gear and this is when I decide to take the protective clothing of. I learnt my lesson!!

Slow healing process. So after the accident I go to the local hospital, get X-Rays and the "Doctor" tells me I'm fine. I have a lump on my head, a black eye and I cant move my right arm. My very good friend, Marcello says I can stay at his place until I can ride again. The next day Gisela arrives to help me and 5 days later, I decide I can ride, so we leave.

I am in so much pain while riding that I cant hold the accelerator, I am holding the left side of the handlebar while Gisela is leaning over and holding the accelerator for me. It took us 4 days to get back to BA. We stopped at a few great places along the way, this one is of Gisela all fired up, jajaja.

Once in BA, we took a little ride to Tigre, the Argentinian version of the Florida Keys, with brown murky water.

She buzzed me a few times first, then got what she deserved, bloody Witch.

I then fly back to Florida and 5 weeks after the accident I finally see my doctor and he tells me that I broke my arm and fortunately it had lined up correctly by itself and was healing just fine. I rode 1500kms with a friggin broken arm, Moron doctor in hillbilly town!!

This is Gisela, she came to Florida for a month, we had a blast. This is us in Everglades National Park doing an air boat ride looking at Alligators.

Don't really know who is looking at who and for what reason, I know I wasn't licking my chops!!

No kidding, you steal a worm, they come and grab you with a helicopter.

I just cant say it!!

Now we are back in BA and my arm is healed and we leave Monday to head north, so I will start to update on a regular basis again.

Sunday, May 30, 2010

Los Vilos back to BA.

I've been rather quiet with my camera lately, just haven't felt in the mood. So from Los Vilos I went south to Santiago, a ride I've done before, nothing exciting, but in Santiago I stayed at Hotel Vegas in an old part of town, very nice. Thanks to Racetech my Ohlins shock is now fixed for the 2nd time, hope it lasts. So these are a couple of Sea Lions at the fish market in Valparaisio
Found a great road to Vina Del Mar over the mountains through a wine area, fantastic winding road, mountains and vineyards. this is a picture from Vina to Valparaisio, although the wind was cold the sun was out and it felt great to be by the ocean

Back on the road again, off to Argentina, yep into that snow.

Another valley in the Altiplano, I really have been spoilt most people pay alot of money to get to these places, for me its asphalt so its easy and tranquil.

Oh yes, they are building a nice little avalanche overhang, so I dont have to get my tires wet or muddy and then later they just stuck a tunnel straight through the best part of the ride, bunch of nuts, enter the tunnel in Chile and leave in Argentina, pretty cool.

Big Betty showing of her parking space??????????

Spent the night in Uspallata, this is where they filmed "7 Years in Tibet", with Brad Pitt, if this is what Tibet is like then I am looking forward to it very much. Then took this great tunnel road down to Mendoza.

Probably about 10 tunnels altogether, like a shortened version of Norway.

Did some wine tasting in Mendoza, no not in a local bar, acually went to Maipu and did a bunch of farms for a day, then did a 2 day trip back to BA, where I am now getting the bike ready for the long haul north, anybody want to join me?

Friday, May 14, 2010

Cachi Argentina to Los Vilos Chile

So I took Big Betty for a spin on the beach in La Serena, mind you after a couple of Pisco sours it was a bit of a wobbly spin. A bystander got this pic for me and sent it in an email. Getting on and off was a bit nerve racking, soft sand and all.

Tropic of Capricorn once again, I also did it in Chile.

The road to Iruya in the north of Argentina ended up being 50 kms of fantastic dirt road. This pic was taken on departure as I did this section at night when arriving, thankyou Touratech HID lights.

Is'nt she a beauty??

Yea so I got here at 4500 meters and thought, alone, dirt road, late afternoon and heavy snow clouds infront of me, what would you have done. Thats right I turned my sorry ass around and went looking for another route to Chile, Pity though this is ruta 51, meant to be quite nice.

I had the right clothing, but it was still damn cold.

The ice was also really thick in places and I had a hard time getting traction on the steeper parts.

The famous Viaducto of the tren de las Nubes, or something like that, impressive though.

Stopped for a cup of tea at the Ritz in the Argentinian Altiplano. Simple design, I think they went for the rustic look, did a good job to!!

Fabricio Oberto and me, just hanging out in the middle of nowhere, really nice guy. For those of you who dont know he played for the Wizards for a long time and is presently changing teams, come to Miami buddy.

And every now and then the Gods answer my call and give me what I am searchimg for, a 3000 meter decent. I cant tell you how many time I have scraped the foot pegs around these corners. This is not about speed, its about how low can you go.

1200 cc or 125cc, you can still go the distance. This bike has been from Guatemala to Ushuaia and now on its way to Cuzco. All you need is will power. Mike and Alanna, this would be below the Burro.

Just taking a break to smell the roses.

Probably one of the best roads yet, getting down that mountain, all the while thinking I am aiming for the snow in the back ground. It is riding heaven...

A very small section of the road down.

Ok, so this is the pass over to Chile reaching a hight of 4780 meters, not my highest, but without a doubt the most beautiful and cold.

These pics just dont do it justice, out of this world.

Sometimes I get so caught up in the scenery that when I stop to take a foto, well, I just forget to put my feet down, the honest truth..

Big Betty, my sweet love, I just hate it when shes on top.

Rather Chilly on the way to Chile. I now have heated jacket and gloves and they are fantastic, dont know how I survived before.

You honestly have to see this stuff to really understand the colors.

A history lesson, 15 years ago I taught English in this little town of El Salvador for 3 months, 3000 meters up in the middle of the Atacama desert, well this is where I lived and the next pic is where I taught.

This is where I taught, everything is still the same, just all the people have changed, couldnt find one of my students. I think they all work at Harvard teaching English, haha. In 3 months, I couldnt have done that much damage.
Not bad hey, another one of the mountain pass.

Atacama desert, in all its glory.

And more desert, a little later in the day.

Now this is Los Vilos, a little fishing town 200 kms north of Santiago, nice and quaint, but the sunset below was spectacular.

Whoa, freaky stuff, man. Its actually a tie dyed t-shirt. Partake in some Dillyweed and who knows what you will see.

Now, focus on the light bulb in the middle and concentrate really hard, I mean really hard and then make a wish and I PROMISE you it wont come true.

I thought this was interesting.

Ooooh another gift from the windy road Gods..

Just dig a hole through it, I think this is the worlds shortest tunnel.

Cant remember the name of this town, but it was a great little market town at the base of the Altiplano, where all the goods that are made in the little villages up in the mountains are sold
Ciao for now....