Time on the road

Saturday, September 18, 2010

Attempting to leave BA

So after much deliberation I finally decide to hit the road, bike serviced and everything looking good, I decide I am going to the Iguazu falls. After a long 2 day boring ride I get to Corrientes and just on the other side, yes I bump into a group of riders, as usual. We stop at a gas station and start to chat, turns out they are going to a weekend bike meet, about 3000 bikes expected, one of their friends couldn't make it so they offered me his bed, who am I to say no. This turned out to be a really good decision.

The town was called Posadas, a very small town so every hotel was booked and the place was buzzing with bikes, mind you not very many bikes over 125cc. It was like the mini town version of Daytona bike week, or Sturgis. These guys take any motor they can find and build a bike around it. This is a home made bike with an old Citroen CV Boxter motor in it, alternator and all.

This is a Royal Enfield Diesel, mint condition considering the age and location.

So when we arrived as you enter the grounds you have to register, where you came from and what bike. They told me that I had come the further est and was up for a trophy, no kidding. They got me up on stage, in front of 3000 people and started asking me about my trip etc, in Spanish. My friends told me afterwards that I was answering questions he wasn't asking, I left a rater confused crowd.

So I had so much fun with these guys, I decided to take them up on the offer of going back to Resistancia with them for a few days, where I borrowed a guys KTM 450 Supermoto bike, to test it out. Yea, test it out, the back spun out, I over corrected and went flying over the handle bars landing smack on my head. 60,000 kilometers and I never ride without my helmet or riding gear and this is when I decide to take the protective clothing of. I learnt my lesson!!

Slow healing process. So after the accident I go to the local hospital, get X-Rays and the "Doctor" tells me I'm fine. I have a lump on my head, a black eye and I cant move my right arm. My very good friend, Marcello says I can stay at his place until I can ride again. The next day Gisela arrives to help me and 5 days later, I decide I can ride, so we leave.

I am in so much pain while riding that I cant hold the accelerator, I am holding the left side of the handlebar while Gisela is leaning over and holding the accelerator for me. It took us 4 days to get back to BA. We stopped at a few great places along the way, this one is of Gisela all fired up, jajaja.

Once in BA, we took a little ride to Tigre, the Argentinian version of the Florida Keys, with brown murky water.

She buzzed me a few times first, then got what she deserved, bloody Witch.

I then fly back to Florida and 5 weeks after the accident I finally see my doctor and he tells me that I broke my arm and fortunately it had lined up correctly by itself and was healing just fine. I rode 1500kms with a friggin broken arm, Moron doctor in hillbilly town!!

This is Gisela, she came to Florida for a month, we had a blast. This is us in Everglades National Park doing an air boat ride looking at Alligators.

Don't really know who is looking at who and for what reason, I know I wasn't licking my chops!!

No kidding, you steal a worm, they come and grab you with a helicopter.

I just cant say it!!

Now we are back in BA and my arm is healed and we leave Monday to head north, so I will start to update on a regular basis again.